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Henan Juren Crane Group Co., Ltd predecessor is Henan Juren Crane Co., Ltd, and was established in 1987. Our company has several subsidiary companies, such as Henan Juren Crane Services Co., Ltd., Henan Juren Advertisement Co., Ltd. and Hexin Machinery & Electronic Co., Ltd.  The registered fund of group company is RMB120,000,000, and  the fixed assets are RMB200,000,000.  We have south district factory, north district factory and new district factory.  The conpany occupies 460,000 square meters, and the total employees are more than 1200 persons.

We can design and manufacture 5T-600T double beam overhead cranes, 1T-32T single beam overhead cranes, 5T-250T double beam gantry cranes, 3T-32T single beam gantry cranes, 0.25T-10T jib cranes, 0.25T-80T wire rope electric hoists and 1T-65T wire rope electric winch. Our cranes and hoists are famous brand in China market, also we exported our cranes and hoists to many countries in the world, such as America, Australia, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Tanzania, Bangladesh, Philippines, Nigeria, Chile, Qatar, Bolivia, Afghanistan, Uganda, Myanma, Saudia Arabia and so on. The quality of our products has won the credit and praises of customers.

Our company has enough experience and technical to manufacture high quality hoists and cranes. Our purpose is "Customer First, Attentively Service". Welcome to visit our factory and choose our products.



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